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  • Protein: Min 50%
  • Fat: Min 6%
  • Fiber: Max 3%
  • Ash: Max 12%
  • Moisture: Max 10%
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40lb.Craft Bag    $299.00

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While Wheat Germ is more popularly known to be fed during the colder season, the TOMiGAi variant of Wheat Germ is best used for the growing season. In addition to boasting a 50% minimum protein content level, the main protein source is White Fish Meal. The TOMiGAi Wheat Germ is part of the TOMiGAi Premium Growing line, and promotes maximum growth potential and proper development of a Koi’s conformation and size. Due to the fact that growth is best achieved in the months wherein temperatures are high, TOMiGAi Wheat Germ is best used at this time of year.

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