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  • Protein: Min 50%
  • Fat: Min 6%
  • Fiber: Max 3%
  • Ash: Max 12%
  • Moisture:
  • Max 10%

Spirulina is popularly known to be a color enhancing ingredient in Koi Food. The best results in enhancing the beni or red of your Koi is when Spirulina is coupled with a higher percentage of protein in your food. It is for this reason that the TOMiGAi variant of Spirulina contains a minimum of 50% Protein in the formula. Not only does TOMiGAi Spirulina actively enhance and maximize your Koi’s potential to acheive beautiful,vibrant and lusterous beni, it will also encourage the growth and development of your Koi’s body conformation.

This variant is best fed when water temperatures are between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

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