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TOMiGAi was formulated in conjunction with the Japanese experts on Koi. This product boasts cutting edge formulation direct from Japan and enjoys the endorsement of such prominent names in the Koi industry such as Sakai , Dainichi, Marudoh, Omosako, Isa, Seitaro, Gonjiro, and Tani among many others.

​The U.S release of TOMiGAi is proudly 100% American made to provide only the excellent quality that the market deserves. It is the company’s philosophy that cutting the lead time between the manufacturing facility and end user allows for a more potent and effective product. TOMIGAI is made with only the finest quality ingredients and is packaged to guarantee freshness and quality in each box. Great care and consideration was taken during the whole production process: from the formulation, to packaging to handling and distribution.