We have a full selection of Tomigai Koi Food, Kaizen Aqua products, a Variety of Koi nets on hand as well as a good selection of Japanese Koi. We have Koi from several Japanese Breeders such as Marudo, Koda, Kanno, Omosako, Shintaro, Dainichi and Yamasan.

Now selling Matala Filter Media. Give us a call for best pricing.

Upcoming Events:     7th Annual SC Koi and Goldfish Show  October 3 - 5, 2014 at 310 W. Curtis St, Simpsonville, SC 29861

                                     The First Coast Koi Club Annual Koi Show  October 12 -14, 2014 at 2914 Loretto Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32223


Special of the Month
Each Month we offer a savings on some of our more popular Koi. 
Supplies & Services
We offer the best products that have been tested to suit all of your needs. We also offer Pond Design Services and a variety of Maintenance Programs.


WELCOME to Happy Koi of Greenville! 
Here at Happy Koi of Greenville we are proud to be the only authorized retailer in South Carolina for TOMiGAi Koi Food. We also offer Koi Pond Services. We are a family operated business located just outside Greenville, SC. We are always striving to meet our customers needs with the quality and respect they deserve. 
Kaizen Aqua
We hope you will find our products to be the finest available today in the U.S., and that they will help you to keep your fish happy and healthy for years to come! 
TOMiGAi Koi Food
The U.S release of TOMiGAi is proudly 100% American made to provide only the excellent quality that the market deserves.